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Pharmaceuticals are crucial to the protection of peoplefs lives and health, contributing greatly to our quality of life (QOL).  Numerous diseases remain difficult to treat, and a great many patients await new developments in the hope that the future will bring more effective medicines.

This is particularly so in Japan, which faces the issues associated with an aging society. In order to build an active society abundant in the joys of life, it is crucial that we develop medicines to treat so-called lifestyle-related illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Mebiopharm is a biotechnology firm involved in the development of medicines that hold promise for such a society, and we place a particular emphasis on anticancer drugs with special DDS capabilities.

As a company with research and development as our foundation, our mission is to develop revolutionary new liposome products with special DDS capabilities. Working in cooperation with domestic and international universities and researchers our ultimate goal is to contribute to the effectiveness of medical practice and the QOL of people everywhere by marketing these products worldwide.


Tadashi Fujisawa
Mebiopharm Co., Ltd.


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