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Transferrin Products
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 Transferrin Products

GMP grade Holotransferrin, human, sterile:

Mebiopharm is an exclusive supplier of GMP grade Holotransferrin manufactured by Sanquin blood supply foundation in the Netherlands *.

Transferrin is a key molecule as a ligand for DDS; it is also used for cell cultures to produce recombinant proteins.

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Transferrin is a blood plasma glycoprotein (MW: near 80,000) for ferric ion delivery which possesses 2 affinity binding sites with Fe(III)

Transferrin is effective to be used as a tumor targeting ligand for cytotoxic drug or siRNA delivery.

When a transferrin loaded with ferric ions encounters a transferrin receptor on the surface of a cell, it binds to the receptor and is transported into the cell as a vesicle. Since it is acidic in human cell, transferrin releases its ferric ions. The receptor is then transported back to the cell surface through the endocytic cycle, ready for another round of transferrin uptake.

It is well known that tumor cells are abundant in transferrin receptors for angiogenesis compared with normal cells. (diagram A).

When substances attached with Transferrin are applied to a tumor, they are captured by tumor cells through endocytosis (diagram B).

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About Sanquin

Established through a merger between the Dutch Blood Banks and the Central Laboratory of the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (CLB), Sanquin is a not-for-profit foundation assigned by the Dutch government to ensure a safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands. Sanquin activities include manufacturing and sales of blood products and plasma-derived products, diagnostic services and carrying out contract services.

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