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Transferrin Products
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Active targeting drug delivery system:

Our platform technology is a nano particle with@transferrin (Tf) as its ligand that can encapusulate most substances such as chemicals, proteins, peptides, antibodies, plasmid (nucleic acids) and siRNAs.

Two mechanisms of action differentiate our nano-particles from naked APIs:

1) Passive targeting: our nano particle has EPR Effect* and prolonges drug circulation time in plasma and increases bioavailability; and

2) Active targetting: Since transferrin receptors (TfR) are overexpressed on tumor cells, This nano particle is selectively up-taken by the tumor cells via Tf-TfR interaction. The selective and efficient delivery improves the efficacy and safety of substances encapsulated.

These mechanisms improve safety and efficacy as compared to naked substances. Mebiopharm has been developing this technology with several APIs.

EPR Effect*=enhanced permeability and retention effect


Code Name




MBP- 426


Clinical (Phase II)


MBP- Y003


Pre clinical


MBP- Y003b


Pre clinical


MBP- Y004


Pre clinical


MBP- Y005


Pre clinical


MBP-426 is a transferrin-conjugated nano particle formulation of oxaliplatin.

Oxaliplatin is a blockbuster drug used in combination with fluorouracil and leucovorin (FOLFOX), which is FDA-approved treatment for colon cancer.

MBP-426 improves the safety and efficacy of oxaliplatin by dual mode of action of our nano-particles. This has been shown in the phase I study for solid tumors under the US IND (#73,251). Currently, Phase IIa study is ongoing in US for the indication of gastric and gastroesophageal junction


MBP-Y003 is a transferrin-conjugated nano particle formulation of methotrexate(MTX) for the indication of Lymphoma and other cancers.

MTX is a popular antifiolic and antimetabolite drug and broadly used for cancer treatment.

The antitumor activity of MBP-Y003 was evaluated using human xenograft tumor models. This study has demonstrated that MBP-Y003 has potential antitumor activity against various tumor cell lines such as prostate cancers and lymphomas.


MBP-Y003b is a comprehensive version of MBP-Y003 for chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Nano-sized particles preferentially extravasate into inflamed tissue with vascular hyper permeability. Furthermore, transferrin mediates MTX internalization into pathology-related activated immune cells, known to highly express transferrin receptor.

Although MTX is the standard drug for RA treatment, 15% of patients fail to respond MTX and many MTX-responsive patients cannot tolerate the side effects of the drug. Recently, anti-TNF-alpha agents were introduced and demonstrated to be clearly beneficial for RA treatment, but combination with MTX is still required and importance of MTX is not diminished. The improvement of MTX efficacy and safety achieved by MBP-Y003 formulation has a great potential to make great advantage on RA treatment.


MBP-Y004 is a transferrin-conjugated nano particle formulation of Docetaxel, used for ovarian, breast and non-small cell lung cancer.


MBP-Y005 is a transferrin-conjugated nano particle formulation of Gemsitabine, which is a nucleoside used for cancer treatment such as non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and biliary cancer.


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